Frequently Asked Questions


1. Question: I can not download files from the NKPS site.

Answer 1a
Answer 1b

1a. Answer: After you have pressed the "load down" button the following screen should appear.


Save the file to your hard disk. Do not use the "Open" button.

If the download dialog box does not appear, follow the next instructions.

1) Open a directory with the Windows Explorer
2) Go to Tools, Folder Options


3) Click on the "File Types" tab
4) Search in the "extensions" column for ZIP files (you may do this also for pdf-files)
5) Click on the "advanced" button


6) Mark the checkbox with the text "Confirm open after download"


1b. Answer: If you use a firewall be sure you make use of the "Passive FTP Protocol".

Here's How:

1. Open Internet Explorer from the Start Menu or command line.
2. On the Internet Explorer menu, click Tools to open the Tools menu.
3. On the Tools menu, click Internet Options.
4. In the Internet Options window, click the Advanced tab.
5. Find the setting called Use Passive FTP (located approximately halfway down in the list of settings).

6. To enable the Passive FTP feature, set the checkmark in the box next to the Use Passive FTP setting.
7. Click OK or Apply to save the Passive FTP setting.
8. It is not necessary to reboot your computer to enable or disable Passive FTP.