NKPS database


The Netherlands Kinship Panel Study (NKPS) database has information on over 10,000 Dutch families. Members of the four largest ethnic groups (Turks, Moroccans, Surinamese and Antillians) are over-represented in the sample.
The data come from two waves of a large-scale survey. These data are supplemented with more in-depth information from so-called 'mini panels', which are conducted among specific groups of respondents. Wave 1 was conducted 2002 - 2004, Wave 2 was conducted 2006 - 2007, Wave 3 was conducted 2010-2011, and Wave 4 was conducted 2014.


The wave 1 survey data are based on three separate samples:

The survey data from the 10,000 primary respondents (so-called 'Anchors') were collected by means of face-to-face interviews and self-completion questionnaires. Data from family members (so-called 'Alters') were collected as well. Self-completion questionnaires were mailed to the partner, a maximum of two randomly selected children aged 15 and over, a randomly selected parent, and a randomly selected sibling aged 15 and over. Some of the Alters resided in the same household as the Anchor, others did not. The addresses of family members were obtained from the Anchor.
In conformity with an agreement made between the NIDI and the ISEO, data collected in the context of the SPVA have been made available as well. The data are from 4199 households where the standard SPVA-questionnaires were administered and supplemented with a short NKPS-module. 1369 NKPS household head respondents (Dutch nationals) and their partners formed the SPVA control group. A short SPVA-module was administered among these respondents.
The July 2005 release of the data consists of three NKPS datafiles: the main sample, the substitute sample (also referred to as the non-response follow-up sample), and the migrant sample.

The wave 1 questionnaires are:

Each questionnaire has two versions: one in Dutch and one in English. Electronic versions in Turkish and Arabic of the self-completion questionnaires for non co-resident family members are also provided.


In Wave 2, the data collection for the main and migrant samples was combined. The substitute sample was not included in the Wave 2 data collection. The October 2007 data release pertains to primary respondent (=Anchor) data only.

Questionnaires included in the October 2007 Wave 2 release are:


In Wave 3, data were collected only among the main respondents. The migrant sample was not included in the Wave 3 data collection.

Questionnaires included in the October 2012 Wave 3 release are:


In Wave 4, data were collected only among the main respondents.

Questionnaires included in the June 2015 Wave 4 release are:


Download the electronic version of the NKPS Codebook and questionnaires:

  NKPS Wave 1: Codebook and questionnaires (release 21 July 2005) (Codebook_Questionnaires_Wave_1.zip, 6.08MB)
  NKPS Wave 2: Codebook and questionnaires (release 1 October 2007) (Codebook_Questionnaires_Wave_2.zip, 6.32MB)
  NKPS Wave 3: Codebook and questionnaires (release 1 April 2012) (Codebook_Questionnaires_Wave_3.zip, 2.88MB)
  NKPS Wave 4: Codebook and questionnaires (release 18 June 2015) (Codebook_Questionnaires_Wave_4.zip, 3.77MB)